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100lbs Gone in 2023!

These 2 have collectively lost 100lbs over the last year!  

Mark and Jardi Welsch both made a decision this year to make it happen and that they did!  Jardi wanted to get back to riding at a high level and Mark simply wanted to feel better about his appearance. They both were seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Never being to a gym before, Mark was pretty hesitant to join, but got started anyway and soon found out there was nothing to be concerned about as he felt very welcomed once he got started and the progress he was seeing, kept him showing up.

“It was a lot easier than we thought. The support, accountability and advice from the staff and community made the process easier and enjoyable. We both never thought we’d enjoy it so much.”

Not only have they improved their health and wellbeing, but they also inspired their kids to join The Lair as well to improve in their own activites, and along the way they have also fallen in love with lifting and working out.  They have a couple of strong kiddos!  We love to see the whole family get on board with a healthy change, but in a way that feels like fun and not something they “have” to do!

“We have achieved weight loss, muscle/strength gains and better eating habits making our everyday life easier and feeling great.  Jardi is back to competing in her horse events and feeling more confident. We both find every day tasks are easier and have more energy.

Life is just easier.”

Mark started in our Men’s Class in January 2023 and Jardi had started in 2021 in our Women’s Resistance Training Class 2 days a week.   This year, they both dialed in their nutrition and eventually went into an unlimited membership to have access to all our classes, including CrossFit.

They are both working on a reverse diet at this time with our nutrition coaches to learn to maintain their success for the long haul. Mark is currently eating over 2900 calories and Jardi is eating over 2300 calories a day.  Even with these numbers, they both trended down in weight over the holidays. My favourite complaint to hear from nutrition clients is that they don’t know how they can eat MORE…sorry, not sorry! #strongandwellfed.

We did not cut out carbs, intermittent fast, or do anything extreme to achieve these results.  Making a change does not need to be extreme, it just needs to be consistent and smart. This is the result of slow progress week after week.

“We both are looking forward to the future and to continue our progress. We are happy our kids are  involved at Fitness Lair as well, helping them in their chosen sports and activities.”

Congratulations on your efforts this past year, we are excited to see this year unfold for you both!

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