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Drop in at Fitness Lair

At Fitness Lair, we love getting visitors. Whether you’re dropping in for a single session or are sticking around for a couple of days, you’re more than welcome at our gym.

We accept drop ins to our 24 hour Access Gym (Conventional Gym) and for CrossFit group classes.

Drop In Options:


24 Hr Access Gym (Conventional Gym):

Please click the banner at the top of our website for our 24 hour All Access Gym to do your own thing.

We have a day pass, week pass and ongoing memberships that you can sign up for right on our website and will have access sent straight to your phone.



CrossFit Class (must have experience):

$25+GST per class


Please fill in the form below to drop in to let us know you are coming and to fill out the waiver form ahead of time. The waiver link will send to you after you fill out this form.


Thank you and see you soon =)