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Hitting the Gym During Seeding

Seeding looked a little different on the Wallace farm this year. Throughout the busy season, the guys each worked out at least 3 days per week, which was their goal.

Tired of starting over and having that dreadful mountain to climb to get back into the swing of things every 3-6 months, Riley decided to try something new on the farm this year during seeding.

He posed the question, “Maybe we don’t need to beat ourselves into the dirt just to finish a couple days earlier?  I don’t want to brag about how hard we work, but rather take care of ourselves and our staff and treat it like a real business”.

They made a schedule that included time for their health and fitness: 

Riley started in the drill at 5am, Taylor took over while Riley sprayed and Taylor drove the drill until around 10pm.  This allowed Taylor time to get a workout in at the Lair or in his home gym and also assist in getting his son to daycare in the morning.  Riley hit the gym in the evening, surpassing his goal and making it 4x each week.  They weren’t the first to finish for sure, but the season felt a lot easier.

Everyone was in a better mood, despite the many breakdowns they had this year.  Even though they were getting less sleep than usual, they all felt much more energized. Exercise is an energy giver, not an energy taker.  There is really something about taking care of yourself that allows you to deal much better with all the stresses that may come your way

“I am not getting any more sleep, but knowing I have the time to get to the gym or do a workout at home and get Adair to daycare makes the world of difference. It makes the busy season much more bearable and makes the people working in it much more bearable too, myself included”, Taylor laughs. 

“We did not feel guilty about it and felt good about not putting our health and fitness last when that is the norm; sacrificing everything to get done as soon as possible”, Riley stated.

It even inspired a couple other members to continue to make it to the gym or do at home workouts despite being in the midst of their busy season!  We love to see our members inspiring others!

This may be a challenge for other farms that are not set up the same way, but nonetheless, it’s a great spark to get us all thinking, even for those who are not farmers but are also extremely busy, putting themselves last and feeling like it’s the only way…

Is there a better way? 

Why am I doing it this way? 

Is this just how it’s always been done? 

Is this best for me and my family?  

We can all be as busy as we choose, but is it necessary and if so, are we being efficient? 

What is the point in all of it if we are not doing well in the most important areas of our lives?

In the end, our physical and mental health is a priority because without it, we have nothing. Yes, there are many other pressing needs out there, but we think it is worth asking these questions. They wouldn’t have even considered this a possibility years in the past as they just grew up thinking you just go hard as possible and that’s just what you do. Challenge the status quo, is there a better way?

We are continuously impressed by our members who are busy but still make their health and wellness a priority and are able to find a way.  It allows them to show up better in their lives: better parents, better employees, employers, better partners, better teammates, etc.

How can you make a change in your life to help prioritize your health and well-being? 

What kind of ripple effect will this have on your family? Your workplace? Your community?

Our mission at the Lair is to help the busy folks in our community find a way to stay happy and healthy along the way.  Interested in working with us? Book a Free Intro here and we will help you find a path that fits your busy schedule.

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