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Building a Healthy Foundation with Food

When I sat down with Jordan, I heard the struggles he had faced and knew we could work together to overcome many of these challenges.

Many worry that when they start our program they are going to have to give up all the foods they love and be held to a perfect standard but what Jordan quickly learned was quite the opposite.

When we started working together, I had him dial things back instead. I had him track less and good enough was good enough. Hitting macros is just an arbitrary means goal to achieve the end goal. If we were making progress even if he didn’t track perfectly or over ate, I was thrilled – we got the job done. Why make it harder than it has to be?

We have worked through mindset shifts and I’m so proud of the habits and behaviours that he regularly demonstrates now. All the wins along the way have been so fun to celebrate!

– Coach Lindsey

Jordan’s Story

It’s been just over a year with Mission Nutrition and working with Lindsey. What a year it’s been.

Mission Nutrition has been on my radar for a while but I felt that I already had a really good understanding of nutrition and I just had to apply it. I’ve also done online coaching and tracked calories in the past, although it came with results, it wasn’t sustainable. With all the yo-yo dieting I’ve done, the macro-counting, and weight fluctuations I’ve experienced, I was a little sceptical. 

I finally sat down with Lindsey after last years Kickstarter program, we discussed how it went, what my goals were, how I can achieve them long term. That’s when I finally inquired about Mission Nutrition. Lindsey asked me some more questions, one of them being, what’s my “why”? This is when I experienced one of the most defeating feelings. My why was my son, at the time, he just turned one and I want to be around  as long as possible for him, I don’t want him to struggle with the same weight issues and disordered eating I deal with, I want him to live a long healthy health life, and that starts with me, leading by example, showing him what health looks like, and how to live with balance. I was not only failing myself I was failing my son. With a heavy heart and tears in my eye I committed to giving it go. 

When I started mission nutrition I was 296 pounds. Almost one year later I’m now 261 pounds. Losing weight is sweet but it isn’t the best part though. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a healthy relationship with food. I no longer consider myself a binge eater. I’m growing as a human, my mindset towards life is better. And the best part is I’m finally building a foundation for my son to have a healthier lifestyle as he gets older now that I can lead by example. 

Working with Lindsey has also been a joy. She has the perfect balance of knowing when I need some compassion, and when I need a little kick in the ass. This balance has successfully shifted my overall mindset and behaviours. The old me was unable to keep chips or sweets in the house because I would just eat it all in one sitting. Now when I want a treat I have no problem just grabbing a single Oreo or pouring some chips into a bowl, this balance Lindsey helped me find allows me to still feel satisfied while losing or maintaining my weight, which is a complete game changer. 

I could keep going on about Mission Nutrition, Lindsey and the entire crew at The Fitness Lair, but I’ll leave it as this. Joining has been one of the best, most beneficial and fun decisions I’ve made. I am beyond grateful for Lindsey, all the coaches and members at the Fitness Lair. I look forward to another year of fun and growth with some truly amazing people. 

-Jordan Silva

Interested in learning more about our nutrition coaching programs? We have have an entry level program to develop habits that do not require tracking macros as well as the program Jordan is on. You can inquire and apply here.

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