It is our Mission to educate people to end the vicious circle of dieting. We want to show you it is actually quite simple to get the body you desire and to do it in a way that you get to continue to live your life.

If you are looking to transform your body once and for all you have come to the right place.

Mission Nutrition is our nutrition program that we offer out of the Lair.  It is done through us over email, so you are not limited to your location!   It is completely individualized to you and your goals.  It is no gimmick, no food products you have to buy, no quick fix that doesn’t last. It is no BS, just science based approach to nutrition. You eat all real food, whatever you want that to be.  This has proven very effective to teach people how to make the best choices on their own, which is the kind of education we need to continue to make proper choices throughout life to remain fit. 

The foundation of our program is “counting macros”. The concept behind counting macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein are the 3 macronutrients) is to ensure you have the proper ratio of each to maintain energy and muscle growth, while changing your body for the better. This precision allows lean muscle mass to grow and body fat to melt away, while feeling great!

As you learn how to stay fit without restricting yourself from the food you love, you will also be developing a positive relationship with food.


This program teaches you how to eat the proper amount of food to meet your goals.

You can eat whatever you want as long as it fits the macronutrient numbers given to you. This has proven very effective to teach people how to make the best choices on their own, which is the kind of education we need to continue to make proper choices throughout life to remain fit.

How to get started:

We will send you a questionnaire and you fill it out with your information and goals with what you want to achieve.  We then create a plan just for you.  Each week you check in with your coach.  You track your weight and the macro nutrients you hit each day (how much protein, carbs, and fat) and no worries there is an app to make this easy!  Each week your coach will review your info and back to you promptly with the plan for the next week.  

If you make good progress we won’t change anything, if you do not make progress we will address it and change what needs to be changed to keep you moving towards your goals.

But what if I don’t even know what a macronutrient is??

No worries! We have had many people on the program who did not know what a macronutrient was when they started; they had no idea what protein, fat and carbs were and sure the first couple week were a learning curve, but they got the hang of it and ended up with awesome results.  This is knowledge that you will have the rest of your life.  You will always be able to keep your weight in check once you understand macronutrients and haow many of each you need to cut, maintain, and gain weight.  

You can stay on the program as long as you wish for the accountability factor, but after awhile you will be able to do it on your own 🙂 Knowledge is power.  We don’t believe in any food being “good” or “bad” but granted there are optimal foods to eat most of the time. We require you to stay with us for 3 months and after that you can continue month to month for as long as you wish.

What Makes Mission Nutrition So Successful?

  • Flexibility – you are in control of what you eat.. Eat the foods you enjoy; no food lists, nothing is off limits, no food products you have to buy, and you can eat the same food as your family
  • Fitness – This program is not only for fat loss, no matter what you goals are we can create a plan for you whether its to lose fat, gain muscle, or increase performance
  • Accountability – The value isn’t in the macro profile you receive, the value is the connection with your coach and accountability you have with them. We know staying on track can get hard and having that support from your coach to keep you going is invaluable.
  • Community – Whether you need to be inspired with meal ideas or motivated to stay on track or just want to talk about macros (yeah its oddly fun and interesting) you will be apart of a community who understands it and is working towards the same goal.
  • Success – Many, many success stories from people you know who are just like you. Others success as well are your own will drive your motivation.


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