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In January we started our 6 Week Kickstarter Challenge and we just wrapped it up with great success!  Our goal with this Challenge was to kickstart people out of the Christmas slump and give them direction and habits to get their year started right.  So many of us have big goal but 2-3 weeks in we forget what they are and just stop doing them.

Our method behind this was “simple and effective” and by the response during and the results after I can say we achieved that.  The members were given general nutrition guidance made as simple as possible, they were to train 3 days a week at the gym, 2 at home with our “at home workouts”, have one active recovery day (anything from cleaning house to a day on the ski hill), and one mandatory rest day.  Each week there was a new challenge to do for a chance to win a prize.  We introduced a new habit each week to teach them the important habits that fit people do to get them and keep them fit.  Then in addition if they chose to participate (these were not worth points but just for their own good) we gave them a new “happiness habit” each week as well.

Each person was given an accountability partner that they were encouraged to use as support system along with the private Facebook group which was very active!  They also tracked points throughout to hold them accountable to keep them on track.

In the end we scored it by who had the most points (50% of total score) and who lost the most percentage of body weight (50% of the score).  We had soooo many who were close to be tied with the win, but there were a few who stood out!


We awarded 4 top finishers:

1st Place: 1 Month Mission Nutrition + $200 to spend at Rogue to buy whatever she wants!

2nd Place: 1 Month Mission Nutrition + $100 to spend at Rogue to buy whatever she wants!

3rd Place: 1 Month Mission Nutrition + $50 to spend at Rogue to buy whatever she wants!

4th Place: $50 to spend at Rogue to buy whatever she wants!


Here are your winners:

(click on their name to read their results and what they had to say about the challenge)

1st Place – Marla Tabler

26lbs down and logged 127 points!


2nd Place – Corina Peever

10.2lbs down and logged 162 points!


3rd Place – Karalyn Brown

15lbs down and logged 153 points


4th Place – Deanna Botrokoff

12 lbs down and logged 152 points!


Congratulations to all who participated and we look forward to running this again!


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