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1st Place Kickstarter Challenge – Marla Tabler

Marla had great success with this Challenge and was enough to scoop 1st place!  She lost 26 lbs for a 9.7% loss and stayed on track to log 127 of 163 points.  

A few words from Marla…

What did I like about this challenge…where to begin! I actually left my house, so that was good! It was amazing to meet so many great people and not only just meet them, but develop friendships. When I was the last person doing the WOD and struggling, I had people surround me and cheer me on, and drop down to do burpees with me. I know I would never have finished on my own and it was amazing to feel so supported and to see how excited people are for me as I get better.

The challenge itself kept me motivated. When it seemed overwhelming, I just broke it down into “this week” or “3 weeks left”, but honestly, besides getting to the gym as much as I wanted, I didn’t struggle in this challenge. I enjoyed all of it…even the burpees (I still suck, but I’m getting better).

What I learned is that I can do this! Everyone says it, but I can. It won’t happen overnight, but I’m already 6 weeks closer to my goal. I learned that eating right isn’t hard. The first week was a bit of a struggle, just because I’m not used to following macros, but once I figured it out, it wasn’t a big deal. I learned I can eat healthy and still be full. I feel sooooo much better eating this way.

I am now, apparently (ahem Tricia) signed up for the open. I’m terrified, but it will keep me on track for another 6 week and the longer you do something the more of a habit it becomes right?! I’m going to keep trying!

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