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Kaylene’s Transformation

“The results I’ve had from Mission Nutrition is obviously the weight and inches I have lost, but mainly the confidence I have gained in myself. I have learned that you can eat so much and still lose weight with counting macros!! I love all the support they give you. Such amazing coaches!!” – Kaylene


Kaylene joined Mission Nutrition in October 2018 and in 6 months she lost over 60lbs, learned a lot about nutrition, learned that no food is off-limits and she could still enjoy some of her favourites with her family and modify some others to work for her better! She took my advice with full intentions of applying it to better herself while learning about food and a healthy lifestyle. Together we tackled every rough patch and celebrated every success throughout her journey!

One of my favourite moments was when she first sent me the progress photo below and said, “Is that even the same bra?!” =)

She is such an inspiration to myself and I know will be to so many others so please read her words! She’s a busy mom of two kids, works hard at her job, goes to the gym, and still takes each day to meal prep healthy foods for her family. Kaylene went from eating take out 1-2x/week to 1x a month! Anything is possible when you want a change and you put your mind to it!

-Coach Jenna <3


What results have you seen from Mission Nutrition, where are you with your goals?
The results I’ve had from Mission Nutrition is obviously the weight and inches I have lost, but mainly the confidence I have gained in myself. Took a little break during the summer, it was definitely hard to stay on track but I have joined a gym and have been going more frequently and actually just started counting macros again – getting back on track!

What have you learned from this program?
I have learned that you can eat so much and still lose weight with counting macros!! Love all the support they give you. Such amazing coaches!!

Was this program a big learning curve for you or were you close just needed to final puzzle piece to your nutrition?
This program was definitely a big learning curve for me, I always use to be so concerned with counting calories but with macros – I didn’t even notice the calories I was eating in a day. I just focused on the carbs, fats and proteins. I always would ask if I was eating too much but I wasn’t! I was actually eating a healthy amount for my height and weight.

Is there anything you learned or did anything happen while on MN that was unexpected?
I learned that 1 serving of rice is waaaay less than what I would normally have had. LOL! I’m sure we can all agree on that!

What do you specifically like the most?
I LOVED that the coaches were all so supportive and always there when I had questions

How important do you feel the accountability with your coach was to your success?
She was amazing!! Jenna kept me going even when I doubted myself. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her! Also so glad my friend Marqita introduced MN to me!

Did you have any struggles?
Yes! So many struggles, I was so confused at first but once I got the hang of counting macros I treated it like a little game for myself. I struggled with hitting my protein but once I had a better understanding it was good! I also had trouble with feeling bad about myself when we would go out for food but I would just tell myself that it’s 1 bad meal a month instead of 1 bad meal a day or week.

How did this program differ from others you may have tried?
This program was different from other programs I’ve tried because I actually got to eat food!!

Did you have any hesitations about signing up? Were you reluctant about anything?
I was a little nervous at first because I thought at first I was just paying someone to check into weekly but then I realized that it’s not at all. It was keeping me accountable and I was still able to eat and go grocery shopping like I normally did before. Also way cheaper than any other program that’s I’ve tried!

Aesthetics and clothes fitting better aside, what other things have you noticed with your success on the program?
Happier with my life! Loving myself ❤️

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would like to add that the coaches are amazing and actually thinking of joining back so I can get myself back on track and stay accountable and hit my goals!!
Having complete strangers (become such a big part of my journey/life) that I have grown to love cheer me on from hours away was such an amazing experience!


Thank you, Kaylene for being an amazing client and teaching me so many valuable things as a coach. You have helped me become a better coach and will always be such a huge inspiration to me. Every week I always looked forward to your emails as I know you gave it your all and it shows in your amazing progress! Im happy to see you continuing on with the habits you learned. Love you girl and keep being your amazing self! Proud of you!

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