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Sherri’s Ladies Class Experience

It started when I read the Fitness Lair blog, I need help getting off the toilet’. I followed up with Jenna for a story on it and the more I read it, the more it resonated with me.  My preconceived perception of CrossFit being a place where only fit and expert fitness people would go was soon eliminated after my first step in that door.

I came alone and was immediately greeted by a friendly coach who showed me around and explained how it worked to get started.  I don’t even remember what the first class entailed but I felt the support of everyone who was in that class and I soon felt part of a group.

Although weight loss is always a goal and I am still looking for some muscle definition to show, my family has told me how much difference they can see.  They can see clothes fit differently and they were super impressed at how I could climb stairs without wincing.  My husband was amazed that I was able to help him move a treadmill upstairs from our basement. 

When I arrived, one squat was painful and dreaded.  My Rheumatologist told me at many meetings the importance of moving and I always thought our nightly multi-kilometer bike rides or walking in winter was enough, but soon learned that ease of movement comes from many muscles working better. 

What I have learned is immeasurable; proper lifting methods, even for simple things at home.  The value of regular movement, even if every day a workout cannot be fit in.  The importance of “making an appointment with yourself” to continue regular activity like these as I learned that not moving has a lot more consequences than giving those muscles a workout.

While I still can’t walk long distances as the impact on knees is not wonderful, being able to navigate the ups and downs of stairs is much improved.  At one time, it was suggested knee replacement, yet at my last important I was told to keep doing what I am doing and that I might not need it!

My nagging shoulder issue hasn’t stopped me as coaches are phenomenal at scaling all workouts according to ability.  There cannot be enough said about the coaches at Fitness Lair.  I have always felt supported, understood and encouraged.  I will miss that so much.

While I am sad to be leaving the regular routine of this class, the lessons I can take from it and the saved screenshot workouts will be beneficial in the move and I have signed up for a city leisure pass to ensure that I keep that appointment with myself and will be seeking another similar program.

Thanks for the leadership, motivation, friendships and most of all the valuable lessons in moving forward.  I keep thinking of the song from the animated movie Madagascar, “I like to move it, move it…

I thought I was too big, out of shape, etc. all the things, but I never once felt out of place here. When I started I couldn’t even do a single squat, now I do them all the time, even in front of the tv just because I can.

This was the best thing I have done for myself and I tell everyone they are crazy not to come.

– Sherri Solomko

We absolutely love improving and extending quality of life of those in our local community. Our Ladies Resistance Class is a thriving community of women who are looking to improve health and longevity. As Sherri said, you do not need to be fit to start and you can start even if you have never stepped foot in a gym or touched a weight before.

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