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You Can Do Hard Things

Whatever you have faced in the past, are going through right now, or will face in the future – You. Can. Do. Hard. Things.  

The Lair is more than a place to get fit and have fun.

It is a place that prepares you for the unknown and unknowable with a community of people who are ready to have your back the second you need it. 

Each day, we do things that challenge you, you get a little (or a lot) uncomfortable, and you grow your mental and physical fortitude.

On the days that you feel like taking the easy way out, be reminded that this where the preparation happens, this is where the armour is built around the body and the mind. Life will come with a a handful of major blows, ones that don’t seem fair, but we need to be ready and we need to know that we can get handle it.

There is something to be taken from every tough situation, some kind of silver lining or lesson. Sometimes they are really dang hard to find!  And sometimes the promising outcome is obvious, but whatever it is that you are facing or you will face, remember that you have trained for this, you can do hard things and you have a community behind you led by fierce leaders with the best intentions.

You can do hard things.

All the love,

Coach Lindsey <3

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