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Tracey Schaab – A Total Flip

“I made it my priority to make it happen as this has been the only program that I have stuck with and have seen real results. I have actually had people not recognize me and that feels amazing.”

You name it and I’ve tried it for weight loss. It wasn’t until I spent some time with some colleagues at a conference to make me realize I needed to change my eating habits. Enter Mission Nutrition!! Finally, for the first time in my life, I am in control of my eating. I hit my original goal and then went on to achieve even more weight loss than I ever thought possible. From my heaviest in my life, I am down 75 pounds and I am super proud of my accomplishments.

This program has taught me how to properly track my food and how to balance my macros. Plus, I still get to eat lots of food I love!! I had tracked my food in the past, but I had no idea what to aim for. This program has been the missing puzzle piece for me.

I have discovered so many things from this program and I’ve learned to eat some foods I would never have ever tried before. Never ever would I have cooked egg whites in my oatmeal, but now it’s one of my favourite breakfasts!! I think the thing I love the most about Mission Nutrition was the flexibility. I was able to eat pizza and still hit my numbers. Yep, I had to juggle my day, but I still was able to make it work.

My coach was 110% the reason I was successful. Yes, I did the work, but without her guidance I’d still be stuck in the same old rut. I will always be forever grateful to Lindsey for helping me get my life back on track. There were many times I stumbled and many times my weekend was my weak end, but I never gave up. We renovated our entire house while I was on Mission Nutrition and I still found a way to make it work. I made it my priority to make it happen as this has been the only program that I have stuck with and have seen real results. I have actually had people not recognize me and that feels amazing.

There were often times I struggled so when this would happen I would turn to Pinterest to the motivation boards to fill my head with positive mantras. This helps me lots to realize that when I changed my thinking I saw different results. A couple of my favourite mantras are: what is eaten in private, shows up in public. How true!! Just because no one saw you eat it, it still “shows up,” so be honest with yourself. And this powerful one. If nothing changes, then nothing changes. How many times I stepped on the scale hoping to see it go down, but if I was still doing the same things how could I expect it to change? Well, now it’s changed. I have now faithfully tracked my food in my fitness pal for over 640 days and counting and totally changed my life. I never want to be the fat girl in the room ever again. I’m living life to the fullest as I am I totally changed and very happy girl!!!!


Tracey has been a fabulous client whom I got to witness a total flip in her mindset around nutrition and life in general.  It has been incredible working with her and watching this change; in the beginning, the small stressors of life tended to really road block her and cause much stress.  Over time she learned that everything is about perspective and about how you react and respond to life happening around you.  Obviously, that change in mindset had been pivotal in her success!  Many people hire a nutrition coach to help guide them with food but end up learning that it’s about so much more than calories, carbs, fat, breakfast, ice cream, etc.  A coach is so much more than someone who tells you how much of what to eat (in fact, you can find that anywhere on the internet or any diet book).  A coach is someone who has a bird’s eye view of what is really going on and opens up topics and discussion with you on how to make it better and work for you.  We are a constant support system that helps clear the muddy waters when you are frustrated and want to throw in the towel. We are someone who you can relate to when you feel alone in your journey.  We are the ones that get to feel challenged (we love this stuff and nerd out on it ;)), rather than you feeling frustrated and confused when you hit a plateau and bring in methods to bust through it.  We are your right-hand (wo)man who always a text away!

Congrats Tracey!  Your weekly emails will be missed, always giving ME perspective to not sweat the small stuff (even some big stuff!).  I learned so much from you and know that after all this time together you have learned so much about yourself and nutrition that you know have the tools for lasting success!  -Lindsey

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