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Sara’s Story

Sara is the epitome of what it means to work hard and reap the benefits. As a coach, my clients often inspire me to be better. Sara is a perfect example of someone who inspires me all the time! She never has excuses and trusts the process – two factors that are crucial in achieving your goals. She also understands patience, and what it means to put in the work daily. Through all of the different phases she’s been through during Mission Nutrition, she’s made huge strides both physically and mentally. Because she continues to trust me and follow through on her plan, her transformation is and will be one for the books.  Proud of you girl!

-Coach Lindsie S.

Before: June 2019
4 Months into her reverse diet: March 2020 Eating 2300 calories a day and maintaining weight.


Why did you start with Mission Nutrition and how long have you been with the program now?

One of the main reasons I started Mission Nutrition is because I needed change. I was tired of constantly getting stuck in a plateau and making no progress. I had goals that I wanted to make happen and Mission Nutrition provided the guidance, motivation, and accountability that I needed to meet those goals for the last 8 months.

What has been your experience so far?

My experience with this program has exceeded my expectations. It can be really intimidating and overwhelming deciding to start something new and unfamiliar, but the continuous support and guidance I received from MN and especially from my coach made it such an easy and comfortable transition. It has completely changed my outlook on how easily a healthy lifestyle can be achieved and maintained if you are willing to learn and put in the work.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned through this?

Personally I have learned more lessons than I can count from this program! A couple of key things that come to mind is understanding the importance of tracking and weighing your food! In the beginning, it may seem like a lot of work but after time it becomes natural and just a part of your daily routine. It really makes you grasp the concept of quality over quantity and what portion size you need to consume to fuel your body efficiently.

Another key concept is the understanding of patience and balance. Learning to utilize your daily weigh in as data, learning your trends, and knowing the slower the weight comes off the more easily it will be to maintain. Instead of constantly being worried about what the number on the scale is going to be, you learn to just take the number, track it and learn from it plain and simple.

Additionally, understanding balance, learning the importance of consistency, and the fact that one bad meal does not make you fat, just like one salad won’t make you skinny. This program makes achieving a healthy lifestyle a hobby instead of some terrible diet you dread doing, and that mindset really helps maintain your motivation!

Has being a part of Mission Nutrition been worth it to you? If yes, why? If no, why?

110%. When I decided to join I honestly wasn’t sure what I personally would really be able to achieve and wasn’t even sure how long I could stick with it. Now about 8 months later and almost 40lbs down, I would say the program totally changed my initial expectations. It is a very affordable program that is worth every penny. Not many programs would actually take the time to listen and understand who you are first and then adjust the program specifically to fit your personality, daily routine, and goals. Never did I just feel like “another client” who gets automated responses, I have always been treated as my own individual and all the weekly check-ins I send in are returned with customized responses that help guide and inspire me each week.

What was your goal in joining the program? Have you achieved that goal?

When I joined the program, I had an ultimate goal weight I wanted to hit which in my mind at the time was probably not entirely achievable. This program again proved that to be very wrong, within 6 months of being a part of Mission Nutrition I already hit and surpassed my main goal! Hitting your goal weight is really an unexplainable feeling, but it made me feel like I could really do anything if I set my mind to it and I instantly wanted to achieve a new goal.

What is your “new goal” moving forward?

Now that I have hit my initial goal weight, I am focused on building and toning muscle. Weightlifting has become my new favourite hobby and something I really enjoy pushing myself to do. In this next phase of my journey, I am in a “reverse” phase looking to build and feed my muscles before I start on my next cutting phase. I cannot wait to see the progress I make next!

Anything else you’d like to say or share?

If you really want to make a sustainable change to your lifestyle this program is it. It provides you with all the tools you need to be successful. Without sounding cliché, if I can make this much progress I really believe anyone can! Never once have I contemplated quitting because it was too hard or I was too hungry or any of the typical excuses we utilize when we get tired of dieting. The thing that makes Mission Nutrition stand out from others is the fact that it is not a program that intends to be a short term fix, it is a complete mindset and lifestyle change!

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