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Lauren’s Success Story

Hard work, dedication, honesty, beautiful soul are just a few of the things that describe Lauren <33. I’m so proud of the person she has grown into over this process!  She is a busy nurse and we worked through many challenges but she has overcome them all!  She gives me thoughtful, informative emails every week which gives me the ability to be a better coach and get her the results she wanted.

-Coach Jenna Villeneuve

What results have you seen from Mission Nutrition, where are you with your goals?

Just some background context before I answer, through high school, I played competitive hockey and was always in great shape. I was very outgoing and loved to socialize. Those characteristics continued post high school as I went into Nursing school. I maybe socialized a bit too much. Partied too hard, skipped the gym too often and ordered too much take out and I began to gain lots of weight.

By the time I started Mission Nutrition, I was lost. I was feeling run down constantly, little to no energy and just overall did not feel good about myself. The way I felt physically and mentally was really starting to affect my personal life and my performance at work. I was having trouble keeping up with my (then) 8 year old Stepson, could not keep my focus at work and was no longer was the outgoing, bubbly person I was prior to my weight gain.

So, the most obvious result I have seen with MN is weight loss but that is definitely not the most significant result I have seen.  My energy levels and focus abilities have increased significantly. I feel more productive then I have ever been and I love myself again. I have gained my confidence and personality back!

On paper, I still have more weight I would like to lose to get to my “goal” but in all honestly, I would be perfectly fine with staying the weight I am now because MN has taught me that it’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about how we FEEL both physically and mentally.

What have you learned from this program?

I have learned SO much about what proper nutrition does to a person’s body! I have become a firm believer in if you fuel your body with crap, you will feel like crap. So, if you give your body rich, nutrition-dense food, your body will love you for it!

I also learned that you don’t need to eat plain, bland foods 24/7 to see results. There are some amazing, yummy recipes out there that are super macro friendly and loaded with nutritious ingredients.

As well, you don’t need to restrict yourself! If you want a bowl of ice cream, you can make it work!

I have learned so much about myself. Through working with MN, I realized that I had binge eating habits, was an emotional eater, and my life revolved around food. Since identifying this, I have developed more awareness of how to work through these issues in a positive way.


Was this program a big learning curve for you or were you close but just needed to final puzzle piece to your nutrition?

Before starting Mission Nutrition, I had no idea that macro counting was even a thing so, the program was definitely a big learning curve for me!

I’m not going to lie; off the bat it took a lot of effort (both on my part and on my coach Jenna’s!) to get the hang of it. Now it’s second nature to the point where it is easy!

MN teaches you a completely different mindset towards food, exercise, “dieting” and life in general! It takes some time to get completely into that mindset and is something I am still working on but it is so worth the time and effort!

Is there anything you learned or did anything happen while on MN that was unexpected?

When I started with MN, I just thought “sure I will lose weight and continue on with my life”. I did not expect MN and Coach Jenna to identify and help me through my destructive mental and emotional feelings toward food. Through Jenna, I learned quickly how much my emotions affect my food choices and habits. I gained healthy, helpful strategies to work through those emotional times. I no longer stop at Wendy’s or DQ after a long, stressful shift but instead come home and de-stress by talking to my family or having a hot bath!


What do you specifically like the most?

I Love the connection I have with my coach! Jenna is one of the most caring, kindest people I have ever known! I have told her this many times but my weekly check ins with her were like my own personal therapy session. I loved being able to be open and honest with her because I knew there was never going to be any judgement.


How important did you feel the accountability with your coach was to your success?

SO important. Whenever I began to fall off track, or have a binge eating episode, I knew I had to track it and be honest with Jenna. I grew to learn that being accountable to my coach, and (more importantly) myself is so crucial for my progress. As well, being accountable to my actions really assisted in my progress by helping me identify healthy habits. When I would tell Jenna about over eating or binging, she would ask what my feelings were during that specific time. It made me realize what fueled that particular eating habit and what I could do to avoid it next time around!

Did/do you have any struggles?

I am a Registered Nurse on a busy Medical floor so I struggle with finding time to eat properly while working. As well as managing my eating and activity level while working night shift. Jenna has been great at working with me through this as she knows all about the crazy world of Healthcare! She has given me great tips, recipes and advice on how to make it through!


How did this program differ from others you may have tried?

Before MN, I had tried different diets but would give up after only a week or two due to frustration, starvation or just plain old boredom.  Looking back, I think I was never fully committed as I truly knew those yo-yo diets were not going to give me the results I wanted.

What was different about MN is that it is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle change. They teach you long lasting habits instead of “quick weight lost tricks” It is a much more sustainable then anything I have encountered before!


Did you have any hesitations about signing up?  Were you reluctant about anything?

My very great friend, Kendall Parenteau is a fellow MN success story. I saw how MN has had such a positive impact on her life and knew I needed to be a part of it!

That being said, I visited MN’s website page multiple times and followed them on Instagram for probably 4 months before I finally decided to commit! I was initially hesitant to sign up as I knew it was a big commitment that would take dedication. Once I finally decided I could do it, I signed up and haven’t looked back since!


Aesthetics and clothes fitting better aside, what other things have you noticed with your success on the program?

My confidence level has increased by 10000%! I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I once again love being social and outgoing. I have also begun to love my body for what it is! I am amazed by what it has been through and everything it can accomplish

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Signing up for Mission Nutrition literally changed my life for the better. I never ever would have been able to accomplish all that I have without MN and Jenna by my side! I owe them my life!


Incredible transformation so far girl!  It’s heartwarming to hear the strides you have made in understanding yourself and all that goes into it far beyond food and macros.  I am excited to see what your future looks like but it’s awesome to see how much you are loving the present!  Also THANK YOU for all you do as a nurse <333


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