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Dana Lang


“If you would have told me three years ago I would have abs and be squatting 200 pounds I would have never believed it was possible, OR that I would say I LOVE CrossFit.”

I had never heard of CrossFit before I moved to Unity, but like most people who knows someone who does CF whether it’s here In Unity or anywhere, my sister in law, Sara, who was (and still is) a member at the Lair – INSISTED I would love it.  And so, my story begins…

I gained 70 pounds during pregnancy, and 30 of it was still hanging on when she was almost three years old. I was so unhappy with my appearance, I found myself avoiding social situations and using food as comfort. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. I started to think I was stuck with that body for life. After a particularly eye opening vacation with friends to Mexico (think: fit friends in bikinis, me in a frumpy one piece) I decided it was time to quit feeling sorry for myself. I called Lindsey and signed up at the Lair.

I’ve achieved the body I’ve always wanted!! My clothes fit better, I’m more confident and I feel amazing!

To date I have lost 27.2 pounds, exceeding my goals. I weigh less than when I graduated from High School!! Even though I am lighter now, I have more muscle definition and hit many PR’s throughout and am stronger than I’ve ever been.  I have never stuck with any fitness or nutrition program/diet for long. Mission Nutrition was so easy and CrossFit is so fun and different every day that I never get bored, always look forward to going and time passed without me even realizing it!  It’s an amazing feeling knowing I didn’t do some crash diet and all my fitness is earned through hard work.  I know that I am working toward being fit for a lifetime.

“I had never even touched a barbell before”

I had been to gyms before and taken classes, but it didn’t stop me from being incredibly intimidated.

I had never even touched a barbell before, never done a pull up or squat in my life. I joined to lose weight. Period. The first month (okay, maybe even three) were incredibly challenging. I was sore all over, all the time. I had to force myself to keep going back, pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes I felt like I was just embarrassing myself, but the coaches and other members always had my back. They had all been exactly where I was at one point or another.  Still, I never imagined I would ever LIKE working out!! Slowly a little weight was coming off; during the week I was a champ! I was working out and eating ‘ pretty healthy’, however, the weekends was a different story. Drinking and eating whatever I wanted, to reward myself for “being good” during the week. I knew my diet needed help and it was almost exactly a year since I had joined the Lair.

Lindsey started Mission Nutrition and I signed up without hesitation. Again, in a realm I knew very little about. I had never heard of “macronutrients”.  I learned more in three months about food and nutrition then I did my entire life – invaluable information that has changed my life forever.  I became really became aware of what I was putting in my mouth during the course of a day.

This is flexible nutrition at its finest. Anything can fit into my diet if I want it to, but I learned that some things just maybe aren’t worth it (some days they are 😉 ).  Instead of food having the power over me and not being able to eat something, I had the power to decide whether I actually wanted it or not.

My biggest struggle in the beginning was cutting down on booze! Again, it was a learning experience. I had no idea just how many calories/macros were in all kinds of alcohol!  When I first joined, I told Lindsey I would not stop partying and having a social life.  She assured me that she could work with that, since it will only be successful long term if its fits MY lifestyle.   I didn’t have to give up my social life, she worked with me to meet me where I was at, albeit maybe took a little longer than it could have 😉

Being accountable to Lindsey on the Mission and all my coaches and fellow members to show up consistently at the Lair was a major role in my success. Lindsey was my MN coach and understood EXACTLY what my goals were, helped me through any struggles, and never ever made me feel bad about myself.  In my worst weeks, she was the one pumping me up and guiding me back on track. I wanted to make her proud of me, and she was always just as excited for me to reach my goals. I never felt judgement and that let me be 100% honest with her at all times with my nutrition.

Joining the Lair and completing Mission Nutrition changed my life.

To date I’ve lost all the “baby weight” plus a lot more. I never thought I would have the body I have now.

I was always fixated on being “skinny” before now. In the process of trying to be skinny my whole mindset changed. CrossFit is not about being the skinniest or about being the best CrossFitter. For me it became less about the number on the scale and more about how I looked and felt and what my body was capable of.

If you would have told me three years ago I would have abs and be squatting 200 pounds I would have never believed it was possible, OR that I would say I LOVE CrossFit.

Putting in work pushing a heavy sled

Recently, I even stepped out of my “home base comfort zone” and have worked out while on vacation at other CrossFit gyms!  I think back to those uncomfortable first months and there is no way I would have had the balls to do that back then!  I thank my lucky stars I didn’t give up on myself. I am very lucky to have a great support system while doing this. Although there are always people that want to see you fail or don’t want to understand, for me that was very minimal. My husband has been my biggest cheerleader. Measuring food for me, writing down everything that went into a recipe, and always encouraging me. I think it’s very important to have that.


The coaches and members at the Lair are nothing short of incredible. Every success is felt by everyone. It truly is the most supportive and amazing family. I’m a lifelong CrossFitter and I will lead by example for my daughter.

-Dana Lang



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