Brenda Ryall – “Hello there, where did you come from?”


“I was159 pounds at the start and at my lowest, 134lbs!!! I have never in my whole life, as long as I have stepped on a scale, ever saw that number. The day I hit 139, I almost jumped through the roof! Best part is I feel so alive!!”


Brenda’s Story…


20 years ago, this past July, I was sitting in Saskatoon hospital with my dad who just went through quadruple bypass surgery. Everywhere I looked I was reading about women and heart attacks. I didn’t know any woman personally that had one. I thought boy, these guys are wrong. Staying with him for a week I started to analyze my life. I got home, got on scale…205 pounds!


My whole life I struggled with weight; fat kid in school, eating for comfort from being a victim of being molested as a child/teen, 2 pregnancies, and a lot of excuses. I lived on diet pills for years and after being on them for a week and not losing 20 pounds, I would try something different!


And so… the journey began…


I cut back on food, started exercising (just not the exercise I got from being active with my kids), and I bought myself best gift ever: weights and a weight bench. I would go to our little gym on my lunch breaks every day; slowly the weight was coming down. I got involved with 2 groups in Lloyd once I started to build my confidence. My trainer encouraged me to start a “fusion” group at our gym (stability ball) and that is where my life really took off.  I enrolled in my health and fitness course through an online university. I loved it so much I took my personal training course. Started taking on clients at the gym and now have a great little business that I absolutely love to death!


This past spring, I went to CrossFit Lair with a couple friends to listen to a motivational speaker they had brought in and it really inspired me that I could be better, for ME! Stepping into that building was literally magical and I am not making that up! There are some great vibes walking into that building. I came home wishing I could be a regular there but with my schedule and being an hour away, I was somewhat disappointed. BUT…I joined Mission Nutrition.

3 Months in

I thought I knew it all…NOPE! Not even close. I was taught about calories…not macros! It has been a journey that I will cherish forever. It wasn’t that hard to do as I already ate healthy, just too much or for most days NOT ENOUGH food. I knew I had a few pounds to lose. I would look at myself in the mirror at the gym and say, ”Yes, you could lose a couple pounds, maybe 10”,  I was never able to drop lower than about 154 pounds…Well after changing my goal weight a few times I have lost 24 pounds and 29” total inches off my body.  159 pounds at the start and my lowest, 134lbs!!! I have never in my whole life as long as I have stepped on a scale, ever saw that number. The day I hit 139, I almost jumped through the roof! Best part is I feel so alive!!



I have beaten so many things from when I started in May. Food can’t control my feelings anymore!  Some days I sit and look at my before and after picture and see  SADDNESS & JOY IN THAT FACE. I walk past the mirror at the gym and sometimes stop and say “Well, hello, where did you come from?” Mission Nutrition….It’s the bomb. Thanks, Lindsey Barber for changing my life and many others. It has inspired a few around me I think and I am just so darn happy! 


Brenda is still on Mission Nutrition working towards her forever body and lifestyle.  She is committed to making it a lasting lifestyle change!  She reached her goal Oct/Nov of 2017 and maintains weight from 135-140lbs well into 2018.  She is one of many clients who were frustrated with training and eating healthy and not seeing what they want in the mirror.  There is a missing piece and for many that missing piece has been having a coach guided plan for macronutrient quantity.  You eat the food, whatever you can make fit and we worry about the rest for you :).  

“27 jeans! I haven’t worn jeans in a year!”

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  1. Claire Graham

    Brenda, I’m so happy for you. I know you’ve worked hard and I’m thankful you are such an encourager. We are very blessed to have you in our community. Keep up the good work my friend!!❤️

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