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7km to 22km Spartan Race Success!

Huuuuge shout out to Larissa Scott!  She just completed a Beast 22km Spartan Race in Montana this past weekend!  We are so proud of how far she has come since we met at our local CF comp, “Lift For Lymphoma” last June.  She has made some tweaks to her lifestyle this past year and has lost well over 30lbs and is just CRUSHING IT!!  While always active, a go-getter, crushing it in the gym regularly, and eating “pretty healthy”, there was a missing piece to getting her the results she felt she was working so hard to achieve.  Now she found the missing piece of the puzzle and get to continuously see what else she can achieve!


“After this completing this race, I want to reflect back on the last year. Last summer was the first time I did a spartan, only a 7km and I almost died. I remember cramping up hard near the end and couldn’t imagine going any longer. Plus I am not a runner, I never was. That was last July. This year I signed up for the “Beast” which ended up being about 22km. I thought I was insane for doing so because of how I felt last year. But I knew I was in way better shape this year; I felt stronger and I took it on as a challenge. A challenge that was both physical and mental, but I placed 16th out of 60 in my age group and it took me 5 hours 2 min. Never did I think I could A) finish, or B) stay active for 5 hours.

I just started working with you before last Spartan Race, so you and your help throughout this past year is a huge reason for that! I praise you! It’s really has helped move me in the right direction that I always wanted to go but never knew how. This feeling of success is addictive, I don’t want to go back to where I was, instead I want to keep pushing my body and my limits!

I also attached a photo comparing me to last years race, I look like a whole different person but both pictures were huge accomplishments for me.”



Congratulations Larissa!! You are so young and eager and already doing great things to motivate and help others.  Keep it up girl!



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