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5 Gifts The Fitness Enthusiast On Your List Would Love

If you have a fitness enthusiast, gym goer, or CrossFitter on your list this year and don’t know what to buy, you are in luck! They are easy to buy for. They would love any of these gifts on this list:

Personal training skill sessions at their gym

In the gym, there is infinite room to advance and get better at many of the lifts and skills. You may not know what these include, but the gym goer on your list has something they would like to get better at and tend to be obsessed with self improvement.

You can purchase a package of 3 or 5 skill sessions for them at their gym and they will get some 1-on-1 time with their favourite coach. We love to work on ourselves and see ourselves improve so there is nothing greater than a gift of new personal record in the gym!

Mobility tools

Give the gift of recovery with a foam roller, massage balls, or massage gun. You may look at these things and wonder what any one would use them for, but the gym goer on your list will love it.

Gift certificate’s to their favourite places

It’s 2022, we all love a gift certificate! Although they may seem like the easy way out for gift giving, it’s undeniable we all love a gift card to somewhere we are going to use. A gift certificate to their local masseuse, float tank for recovery, supplement shop, or even their gym!

At Fitness Lair you can purchase a gift card for any denomination and they can use it for drinks, supplements, apparel, skill sessions, or even their membership!

Drop in to pick up yours or email us at [email protected] or text us at 306-517- 7061 to set it up for you. We can also put a balance on their account and they can use it whenever they choose. You can simply let them know in a Christmas card that their gift is waiting for them.

Lifting gear

Common things that you will see gym goers wear are weightlifting belts, knee sleeves, cool shoes, and wrist wraps.

The gift of membership

Prepay for a couple months of their membership, it’s something you know they will use and enjoy!

If you have left your list to the last minute and are just realizing that Christmas is next week, we got your covered at the Lair. Stop in and we can definitely help you get the gift that your gym goer will love!

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