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3rd Place Kickstarter Challenge – Karalyn Brown

Karalyn really took on this challenge with her goal in mind; we knew that she would be in the top by the end by the determination we were seeing throughout!  She lost 15 lbs and logged 153 of 163 points throughout the 6 weeks.

What did you learn from this challenge?
So much!  I’ve learned a lot about the foods to eat and some healthy alternatives to the things I love. I still have a lot to learn about nutrition and I think joining Mission Nutrition will be a good option for me to continue what I have learned here.

I have also learned I am far more capable of things than I thought. It’s hard sometimes to fit it all in as I lead a pretty busy life but I guess we all do!  That is a mindset that I’ve had to work on as well.

What did you like about it?
I liked learning about the nutrition side of it and the simplicity of it all. I liked the habits that were introduced as well.

I love how supportive everyone is!  Whether they encourage you to try something you’ve never done, help you get through the end of a WOD or offer any advice based on their experience!  That’s my absolute favourite thing about CF!!

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