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2nd Place Kickstarter Challenge – Corina Peever

Corina scooped up second prize with losing 10.2 lbs and logging a whopping 162 of 163 points in the 6 weeks!

A few words from Corina…

I learned I normally eat a lot of fat and I was eating a lot less protein than I thought I was.

I discovered I love working out with others rather than on my own.  I prefer going to the gym because I push harder and love the company.

My biggest take away from the challenge was that tracking macronutrients are key to success.  I had been eating good quality foods, but the quantity was the missing piece.

I loved the entire challenge and wish it would never end. I love the environment, the weekly challenges, the people, and the accountability

I found it eye opening for the food part of it and how much I love the workouts!  I ‘ve always been active but these workouts are fun and challenging I never thought I would like lifting as much as I do.

I’m amazed with my results; I never expected to see the results I’ve had over six weeks!   I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in a year.

My biggest thanks for having this Kickstart Challenge! I’m so happy I signed up.

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