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Amanda’s Personal Training Path to Equestrian Excellence

When Amanda came to the Lair with a very specific goal: improvement in her passion and sport: Equestrian Dressage. In order to best help her, personal training was the best option for her with Coach, Sara Brown. The unique physical demands and challenges of dressage require a rider to rely on balance, core strength, and leg power. The ultimate goal being improvement in the horses balance, suppleness and flexibility. Together, the horse and rider achieve communication and move together as one.

“In simpler terms I refer to it as a dance with rhythm on horseback. There is nothing that feels more beautiful than when you and your horse are moving as one.”

When Amanda switched from primarily western style riding to competitive Dressage, she immediately noticed her limitations in strength. With a plan of action from her riding coach she set her goals on gaining strength through the personal training program at the Lair. 

I wasn’t reaching my goals on horseback that I had hoped since I didn’t have the strength. My horse was getting disappointed, and expecting more out of me. My coach, Ingrid Schulz Equestrian, created a plan for me to move to the next level in my riding and competing, and personal training was within that plan.” 

By addressing Amanda’s goals and the movement patterns unique to her sport, Coach Sara created a custom training plan to move her towards her goals on horseback. Amanda began to notice improvements right away and Sara was raving about the improvements she noticed in such a short time!

“When Amanda first started she was challenged even doing a few lunges. Over the time she’s been training we’ve seen huge progress! From those few lunges, she’s now progressed to weighted ones, and is continuing to work hard and add strength!” Coach Sara gushed, bursting with excitement and pride over her client’s progression. 

I can’t believe how much stronger my whole body has become! When I first started I couldn’t even do 5 lunges. Now we are accomplishing weighted lunges in sets. It has drastically improved my strength, balance, and stamina. Sara has made a program that is very tailored to my goals.  We work together to add new exercises that help with whatever I am working on in the arena! I’m also very excited how easy it is for me to lift objects that I used to struggle with”.

Amanda’s story of hard work and dedication towards her goals is a testament to what a solid plan and support to achieve it can provide! What’s next for Amanda? Continuing to strive for improvement, working hard towards her goals, and enjoying the connection between horse and rider she so passionately pursues! 

“I plan to continue to ride and work through the Dressage levels. I am very happy that I have Sara and the Fitness Lair to help me achieve those goals!” 

We consider and adapt to the unique goals and challenges each individual faces at The Lair. We recognize that fitness requirements aren’t “one size fits all”. Whether aimed towards goals in sport, general wellness, working around injuries or direction in fitness knowledge: Personal Training programs can be suited to a variety of needs

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